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Magical Zoom Santa & Elf

Well, it’s been quite a year, so a visit to Santa is more important than ever before and we have found a way to make this fun, personal and safe. You can say hello to Santa and tell him what you are hoping for this Christmas whilst staying safe and warm in your own homes. A lovely chat, a few smiles and some chuckles are always good for Seasonal Cheer
This year, your family can enjoy a special unique and personalised Zoom visit with me, Santa! Book a Zoom to see me here in my cosy home in the North Pole using the magic of elf technology.

So, don’t miss your visit to Santa this year! Sign up for some seasonal cheer and a 7-8 minute live and individualised conversation with me! For further details, please see our booking information Magical Zoom Santa

Stay safe and a very Merry Christmas to one and all!

Santa Claus xx

PS: you can also share mischief with Selfie Elfie, the elf on the shelf Magical Zoom from the Elf on the Shelf

Let’s have some fun this Christmas! Now for elves, fun means – mischief!

The trick is to be a teeny bit mischievous, but funny mischief, not so naughty that you upset Santa or the grownups. I have lots of ideas for mischief for you or your elf. You can see some of these in a video Magical Zoom from the Elf on the Shelf and by booking a personal 7-8 minute live natter with me Selfie Elfie.

I would love us to share more mischief ideas, so meet me Zoom by the power of elf technology and Zoom.

There’s also a chance to meet the big man in the red suit, yes, Santa himself!! Magical Zoom Santa

Stay safe and a very Merry and Mischievous Christmas everyone. See you soon… bye, bye, bye…

Selfie Elfie xx