Skyros Holistic Holidays

By Urban Angels

If you fancy a community-based vacation in a heavenly Greek island paradise then Skyros holistic holidays is for you. Whether you want to just relax, unwind, share a drink with like-minded people and enjoy nature at its best. Or, if you’re a creative and active person there is plenty for you to learn and share. For in Skyros you’ll have the opportunity to explore your talents, learn something new, expand the range of your interests and bask in the joys and pleasures of it. Holiday activities and courses are always pleasant and enjoyable, fun to attend.

The Skyros holiday resorts are community-based. The community – informal, friendly and relaxed – thrives on diversity but it also brings people together in a way daily life rarely does. In it you cast aside your habitual roles as partner, parent, boss or socialite, reconnect with your essence and enjoy the freedom to be who you really are.

My role at Skyros is as an aerial tutor teaching trapeze and silks. As a teacher I also help others to organise activities in the evenings that are fun or relaxing and representative of that particular session.

As The Times newspaper wrote, Skyros is ‘the sophisticated urbanite’s retreat of choice’.